Rita’s offers a great selection of treats that are sure to satisfy guests of all ages. From our famous Italian Ice to our Classic Old Fashioned Custard, we know you’ll find a terrific treat made just for you. Explore all our great items below. Click here for nutritional information!

Italian Ice

ITALIAN ICE: Our signature product combines Ice with real fruits made fresh daily.


Regular cup: Calories 260-460

Large cup: Calories 400-730

Quart size: Calories 680-1240

Sugar Free Italian Ice

SUGAR-FREE ITALIAN ICE: Our SF Italian Ice is just as good as our regular Italian Ice, but its sweetened with Splenda.


Regular cup: Calories 130-230

Large cup: Calories 200-360

Quart size: Calories 340-620

Cream Ice

CREAM ICE: Taste our Cream Ice, and you'll never eat ice cream again! It's smooth, silky & full of indulgent flavor.


Regular cup: Calories 230-540

Large cup: Calories 370-850

Quart size: Calories 620-1440

Frozen Drink

FROZEN DRINK: Cool off with our NEW Frozen Drink, made with real, fresh fruit! Our Frozen Drinks are a blend of any available flavor of your choice.


Regular cup: Calories 160-580

Large cup: Calories 200-860


GELATI: A layering of your favorite Italian Ice and creamy Old Fashioned Frozen custard. Add some toppings to personalize it.


Regular cup: Calories 290-510

Large cup: Calories 410-840

Frozen custard

FROZEN CUSTARD: Enjoy our Old Fashioned Frozen Custard in a cup or a cone! Add some sprinkles, hot fudge or caramel to make it complete.


Regular cup: Calories 320-340

Large cup: Calories 420-450


SUNDAES: Rita’s Sundaes are made with our rich, premium Frozen Custard. Go bananas and create a masterpiece with 20 delicious toppings to choose from!


Calories 180-450


MILKSHAKES: Our creamy Milkshakes are made with Rita's famous Frozen Custard, and are available in many different flavors.


Regular cup: Calories 580-850


MISTO: A combination of your favorite Italian ice and Custard blended into a cool, creamy delicious customizable treat!


Regular cup: Calories 240-730

Large cup: Calories 400-1090


Creamy and crunchy, it’s mixed-up magic. Choose your favorite Italian Ice, along with Frozen Custard, then mix-in your own topping for your personal perfection.


Regular Blendini: Calories 420-800

All Custard Blendini: Calories 510-1030


TOPPINGS:With 20 toppings to choose from, there’s no stopping you from creating your custom mix of paradise. Add them to a Sundae, Gelati or mix them into a Blendini!”

Calories / Toppings

Calories 10-140

Sprinkles – Whipped Cream – Hot Fudge – Hot Caramel
Strawberry Toppings – Wet Walnuts – Chopped Peanuts
Chocolate Chips – Marachino Cherries –  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups -Reese’s Mini Pieces – Heath English toffee – OREO Cookie Pieces – Nilla Wafers – M&M’s Minis – Snickers and More….


Currently sold at multiple Ritas Water Ice stores, but available in January 2017 at our Rita's Water NYC location.


cookie sandwich

Italian Ice Flavors

Over 65 flavors to choose from
Lemon • Blood Orange • Blueberry • Blue Raspberry • Cherry • Chocolate • Chocolate Chocolate Chip • Cotton Candy • Dr. Pepper • Florida Orange • Green Apple • Island Fusion • Jolly Rancher Green Apple • Jolly Rancher Watermelon • Juicy Pear • Key Lime • Kiwi Strawberry • Mango • Mango Orange • Mango Pineapple • Mango Strawberry • Margarita • Passion Fruit • Pina Colada • Pineapple • Raspberry • Raspberry Lemonade • Root Beer • Sour Patch Kids Red • Strawberry • Strawberry Colada • Strawberry Lemonade • Strawberry Margarita • Strawberry Watermelon • Tropical Punch • •Watermelon • Wild Berry • Wild Black Cherry

Cream Ice Flavors

Over 65 flavors to choose from

Banana Split • Birthday Cake • Black Cherry Cheesecake •  Cheesecake • Chocolate Chip Cheesecake • Chocolate-Covered Strawberry  • Coconut Cream • Cookie Dough • Cookies n’ Cream • Dulce de Leche • Fudge Brownie • Gingerbread • Horchata • Iced Coffee • Mint Chocolate Chip • Mint Oreo • Mocha • Pumpkin Cheesecake • Pumpkin Pie • Root Beer Float • S’mores • Strawberry Banana • Strawberry Cheesecake • Vanilla Cream • Watermelon Chip

Sugar Free / All Natural Flavors

Sugar-Free Cherry • Sugar-Free Chocolate • Sugar-Free Dragonfruit •
Sugar-Free Mango Peach • Sugar-Free Pineapple • Sugar-Free Pink • Lemonade • Sugar-Free Root Beer • Sugar-Free Tangerine

• All Natural Banana • All Natural Orange • All Natural Pineapple • All Natural Strawberry