ICE – CUSTARD – HAPPINESS = Rita’s Water Ice

Rita’s Water Ice was founded in 1984 by former Philadelphia firefighter Bob Tumolo. By 1987 a second store was opened, and in 1989 the family decided to franchise their business. Today, there are over 600 locations in 30 states. In 2013, Rita’s opened its first location outside of the United States in Shenzhen, China and is currently looking to open some stores in Canada as well.

In 2010 Rita’s Water Ice opened its first store on the Upper West side in New York City (Rita’s Water Ice NYC) and is currently looking to open more locations on the East side of Manhattan,  in Brooklyn and other Boroughs as well. In March of 2013 Rita’s Water Ice NYC changed ownership and is now run by the Armand Brothers (Gardi and Georges Armand).  Rita’s NYC is here to bring you happiness, make your event extra special and bring something different to the table (all of our products are kosher!) you choose the flavors and we bring the happiness. The Armand Brothers are aggressively penetrating the NYC market to ensure that everyone in New York City are aware of their store given that it’s the only store in Manhattan. They both live in Queens so I wouldn’t be surprise to see a store opening in Queens.

The Rita’s experience should be something special for our guests. A chance to be carefree, to escape the pressures of everyday life, to take a moment for themselves and enjoy a great big, fresh, delicious serving of happiness. Our Staff here at Rita’s Water Ice NYC stop at nothing to ensure each guest enjoys the freshest, highest quality treats. We believe that each person who visits a Rita’s NYC is a Guest and should be treated like one. You won’t find customers at our store only Guests!